Friday, 5 October 2012

A Chorio and Pedi Day

Waking up to this sight is such a treat!
Had a slow start to the day after a spell at the Sunrise last night. Wandered over to the now-closed old Olive Tree.
Then we carried on a few yards to their extensive new premises at the top of the KaliStrata. 
Great views from their terrace, which has lots of tables and shade as well as sunshine - along with all their yummy food and drinks, of course.  We had a delicious BLT in a pitta bread.
Hung out back at our studio for the afternoon, before wandering down to Pedi for a constitutional swim. Passed this distressed lamp post on the way. 
Down at Pedi, it was still warm - with fewer people than of late and this boat unloading sand for the builder's yard. 
A spot of sunbathing was followed by a beer at Tolis taverna, with little Beba looking for her owner who was having some down-time on a sunbed.
Late afternoon light started to colour the hillside as we left to climb up the hill.
Coming up to our apartment, the clouds looked good again today. 
Looking over towards Turkey, the sky was brooding - we've just heard rumbles of thunder and seen flashes of lightning from over the water.
Up over the windmills was spectacular as well. 
This day a year ago, we recovered from our tourist day by going across the Golden Horn to visit Istanbul Modern. Great walking around and getting the feel of this vibrant city.

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