Thursday, 25 October 2012

PostBox, Clouds, Bunny Ears and More

Out with Bella this morning, found another postbox with badly flaking paint.
Still blackberries on the bush. 
Another car disappearing under fallen leaves. 
It really was a grim and grey morning, with the clouds right down on the hill over Bathampton.
Evidence of a night out? Bunny ears and a bangle left on a wall.
Spent the morning sorting out Mac issues, wireless printer set-up etc. for our neighbour. Went out to Alice Park with Su and Bella this afternoon (tempted by lure of hot chocolate). Saw this delicate umbellifer in a flower bed there.
Interesting bark formation on this tree. 
 Lots of big and colourful maple leaves.
In the middle of the park sits this bench with an oriental style roof. 
The trees are still hanging on to their leaves, bringing some brightness to overcast days like today.
Still poppies and cornflowers out in this flower bed.
This day a year ago, we were enjoying a burst of sunshine. The forecast for tomorrow is bright - and cold - it will be good to have some relief from the blanket of grey cloud.
We are off out shortly to the Little Theatre to see "Ginger & Rosa", set at the time of the Cuban missile crisis. Review tomorrow.

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