Monday, 15 October 2012

A Day on Rhodes

Went for a wander around the old town of Rhodes this morning. Found this grand Italianate building just down from the immigration office.
Just around the corner, what else would you expect to find but statues of half a giraffe and half a small elephant?
Is it a pair of bollards, or is it a bench? A conflicted piece of street furniture.
We wandered through the market.
Then we found the gate open to the garden of the Grand Master's Palace - some lovely old (and more modern) coquillage work, but the gardens needed some TLC.
Not sure how the famous actor would feel about having his surname mis-spelt thus. Other posters spell it correctly…
We went into the church of Cathedral Temple of Virgin Mary's Annunciation for the first time. Lovely artwork all over the church, and the most glorious harmony singing going on behind the screens
The stag and doe at the entrance to Mandraki harbour
Great arches.
The Turkish cemetery.
Graffiti evidence of the Clockwork Crew, whose anti-fascist poster I spotted on a previous visit to Rhodes.
It has been quite humid in Rhodes today, so we have spent a fair proportion of it by the pool. Tomorrow we get up really early to fly to Heathrow via Athens - but we'll be back in Bath by mid-afternoon. I just hope it isn't raining when we get back - the temperature shock will be enough to cope with!
This day a year ago, we had left Fethiye for a spot more sailing along the Turkish coast. This was another sunrise at sea.

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