Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What, No Sun on Symi?!!

Awoke early this morning to a very different scene to the last week since we have been in the Chorio - grey clouds, no sun, rumbles of thunder and the occasional flash of lightning over Turkey.
We went up to the new Olive Tree for lunch, and the view over to Nimos was just as murky, but the weather stayed dry. We heard later on that it had rained in St Georges Bay, but it didn't make it this far up the island.
Came home via the former Olive Tree - now stripped of its sign and other details. We have dreamed of what we might use it for if we were here for longer - and who knows what may yet come to pass?!
Su went off for a walk up past the windmills while I went back to the apartment. This was as bright as it got over the Viglia.
Had a siesta to ward off the bug that Su has kindly passed on to me. Woke refreshed to find that the skies had started to brighten, and looking a bit more like the Pedi valley view we are used to.
It got even brighter through the afternoon, with some nice cloud formations. 
Went to get a bit of shopping, walking over this great metal plate, with six numbered access points in. Decided it is not a greek hopscotch grid, but that it might be something to do with water supply or possibly central sewage system (if that exists up here in the Chorio - not sure if those arrangements are all vothra-based up here).
After the exertions of walking all the way to the American supermarket we stopped at the Rainbow for a beer.
Coming back to the apartment, the skies were clearer still with some pinking of the clouds as the sun set.
Hopefully signs of better weather for tomorrow (if "Red sky at night" works in Greece?).  It has been a noticeably cooler day - but it is our first in over three weeks, so we are not complaining! 
This day a year ago, we left Selcuk and made our way down to Marmaris via Aydin. We eventually found our way to where our home for the next week, a gulet, was moored. We were the first onboard and had the entertainment of watching everybody else get ferried out from the shore in the small dinghy. Blog postings were short and imageless for a few days, as we were at sea without cheap Internet access for most of the week.

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