Sunday, 21 October 2012

Skies, leaves and dim sum

Quite a sunset last night - this was the sky out the front of the house.
Astonishing 180º display at the back of the house. 
This morning's sky was quite different. 
It's definitely Autumn - these leaves decorated this car overnight. 
The sun came out in the middle of the day, and showed off our silver birch at the bottom of the garden. 
Took Bella out for an early afternoon walk. It's physallis time again. 
These marigolds are still going strong. 
A carpet of fallen fuchsia flowers. 
Leaves falling from these two big trees carpeted the grass. 
Balloons for a birthday party for our former neighbour, who is 7 on Thursday. 
The cold weather is doing nothing to slow down the inexorable march of the bindweed. 
Up in the fields, the sun showed off trees and sky to good effect. 
Just what you'd expect to see by the side of the road… 
We drove into Bristol through Kingswood and Easton, where we saw this painted shop shutter. 
In the centre of Bristol, a great piece of street art. 
Our destination was Dynasty, our favourite Chinese restaurant in the South West.
One dim sum lunch later - yum! 
Where might this be? One for Neil! 
This day a year ago, it was our last full day on Symi after a session at the Sunrise with George and Clare the night before.  Lovely Magritte-ish "Empire of Light" type sunrise.

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