Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bella's Back Home

A bright start to the day, if a lot colder than we have got used to over the last month on Symi.
Looking out the other side of the house, saw this spider hard at work weaving its web. 
After breakfast, we went off to the kennels to collect Bella from her incarceration. On the way, we went through this flood by Victoria Park from last night's downpour that we both slept right through.
Took a different route to the kennels from our usual one and went through Compton Dando, stopping to photograph this altered sign on the way in.
Came via Pensford, and its fabulous viaduct. 
Bella was happy to see us, and even happier when we took her for a walk at Chew Valley Lake. The wind really whipped the water up.
The sun stayed out making up for the cold wind and Bella enjoyed chasing after her stick. 
We had a cuppa and a pastie (which Bella shared with us). Saw these scarecrows outside the shop.
On the way back to Bath, we saw this one as well - apparently part of a Scarecrow Trail that runs for another few days yet.
Had to get back to Bath for a hospital appointment I only found out about yesterday when we got home. Walking back out afterwards, I spotted this abandoned cup - makes a change from gloves.
Su picked me up, with Bella in the back. 
We stopped at the grocer's on Juian Road to get some supplies. 
Then we had a look at the outside of a couple of potential houses to buy that we will see inside tomorrow. Saw this notice on a nearby house. 
Then it was off to Alice Park for a coffee and much throwing of the ball for Bella.
Bella in full flight. 
Autumn has arrived in our back garden - at least to our hornbeam. 
 This evening's clouds just before sunset.
This day a year ago, we finally left the gulet for Rhodes via Marmaris Ferry Port - in the pouring rain.

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