Tuesday, 23 October 2012

UWE Once More - No Escape!

Out with Bella this morning, saw this ivy flower past its best.
Even more leaf-fall carpets on these cars. 
Su dropped me down at the bus station - off to UWE once more. 
On the way out of Bath, this hoarding has had this decoration on for some time.
Back at UWE once again. I am supervising 10 final year undergraduate dissertations - having laid staff off, they are now short of people to cover all the work.
Met up with Alan Price, Bob Lang and Martyn Harries, who plays trumpet in this band. We may go and see them next week.
On the way to my tutorial session, saw this two-storey high addition to the side of the Faculty. I guess it is some sort of Olympic reference? Did my tutorial session (6 out of 10 students turned up…) then chatted to some more former colleagues.
Su picked me up and we went for a meal in Cabot Circus before going to see "The Sapphires" - we had free preview tickets. It had some good soul music, and some good scenes, but overall it followed a predictable arc and could have been sharper. I'd give it 6.5/10 
This day a year ago, we were reluctantly getting used to the much colder weather in the UK and lit our stove. 

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