Saturday, 6 October 2012

Back To The Big Town - And Escape Again!

Last night George and I went to the Secret Garden Cafe (Symi branch, not Bath!) and played for an hour or so to a small but perfectly formed audience. This morning started off clear and bright in contrast to last night's thunder and lightning.
I needed to go down into Yialos to the cash machine, and to get a few supplies we haven't found in the Chorio. As it was already quite hot, I treated myself to a ride down on the bus - I noticed it is a target of tagging, so even Symi is not immune. 
The Symi was in harbour when we got down to Yialos. 
The Coastguard were moored on the other side of the port. 
Tonight, I'm meeting up with George and Clare at the Sunrise Cafe to play for longer than last night - might pop in to the Secret Garden first to hear some bouzouki music. 
After a wander around the back of the harbour, I emerged on the front to find the Proteus and Panagia Skiadeni had arrived.
As I had time before the bus left (too hot for a KaliStrata climb!), I treated myself to a coffee in Eva's Bar and watched the world go by - Yialos seems very busy after only two days in the Chorio! What's it going to feel like in Rhodes or Bath???
Up close to the Proteus. 
Looking across to the clocktower. 
Met Hans with his shopping on the bus back up. Rendezvoused with Su for lunch at the newly moved Olive Tree, and drank in the views over Nimos from their terrace. Apparently the balloon that was spotted over there this morning was sent up by the Iapetos Hotel with a camera. I'm sure we'll find out more soon!
Walking back to our studio, I was surprised to see the nice new metal barrier on the way had been cut through and discarded.
Lovely white bougainvillea flowers outside our apartment. 
Steve and Kerry left the island today, leaving a pile of goodies and already counting the days till their return next May. After they had gone we walked down to Pedi beach for our daily constitutional swim - passing this unusual adornment on the way.
Shrivelled up cactus leaf. 
 Dried out thorns (still sharp).
Su spotted this pair of turtle doves - this is the best my 3GS iPhone can manage…
An inquisitive and beautiful chicken.
Went and got sunbeds in the Pedi Beach hotel today before our dip. 
Stayed there until the sun started to set and colour the hillside. It is so peaceful there at the end of the day.
Looking towards the sun setting over the Chorio.
Looking back down Pedi valley from our studio at the last of the sunset colours 
This day a year ago, we were still in Istanbul - paid a visit to the Grand Bazaar before finding our way to more interesting and less hassly parts of the city.

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