Monday, 22 October 2012

Damp and Dismal Day

No brightness in the sky at all today - unrelenting grey cloud cover, only marginally more bearable by the news that Symi's temperatures have dropped and that they have thunder and lightning! Dropped Su into town and parked in Sainsburys car park before walking through Green Park station. Was much taken by this holographic bunting - the first I have ever come across.
It really is a magnificent structure 
Walked along James Street West and spotted this very long pole being used to clean the windows of the multiplex.
I headed for Bath Box Office, but it had moved. So I went in to the Tourist Information Office next to the Abbey to ask where it had moved to - and found it's now in there. 
My mission was to buy tickets for the Bath Film Festival, which is coming up in November. We will be seeing 6 films in 11 days, so lots of reviews to come. Talking of reviews, I forgot to say what we thought of "Untouchable" on Saturday night. In short, it was a fantastic film - laugh-out loud and unsentimental. Highly recommended! These Christmas decorations are up in preparation for the lights being turned on some time in November.
Just opposite the Roman Baths, what else but a dummy in centurion's costume? 
Talking of Christmas, this shop is already totally given over to such merchandise.
Came home to see our white rose has opened out a little more. 
Took Bella out for a damp walk to Charlcombe church garden this afternoon. On the way, I noticed that this post-box is moulting - greatflakes of paint all over the pavement. 
Bleached out skies don't show iff the autumn foliage to best effect. 
This is how murky it was looking across to Solsbury Hill. 
Some more trees in autumn finery. 
On a BT Openreach van, this paranoid graffiti amused me. 
This day a year ago, we came back from Greece on many modes of transport. This was the view out of the plane from Athens to Heathrow - we flew into a sunset that went on for about three hours.

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