Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Back in Bath - But It's Not Symi!

A very early start in Rhodes this morning - up and out of the hotel well before dawn, speeding to the airport in a taxi.
Saw this poster at the airport - made me speculate about possible involvement of about robotics colleagues at UWE…
Rhodes airport on the way to cruise around the duty free shop before we got on the plane. 
On the plane to Athens. 
We got to Athens airport as the sun was rising (at ground level - we'd glimpsed it above the clouds on the way there).
A Smoking Zone at Athens airport AKA a sealed box - ironic, given the widespread prevalence of smoking everywhere else in Greece.
An uneventful trip to Heathrow, apart from circling London several times before we landed. Made it to the Central Bus Station for our coach to Reading Station via a dimly lit grey tunnel - Welcome to Britain!
It wasn't as cold as we had feared, and there were blue skies, and a little warmth in the sunshine. Glad to have a jumper and long trousers on though.
Coming up the motorway to Reading, I noticed some autumnal trees - looking forward to going to Westonbirt arboretum to see how their trees are doing. Also noticed waterlogged fields, so unlike Greece… 
Reading station, in the middle of redevelopment. where I had my first coffee of the day. The last leg of our journey to Bath.
Back again to blue skies - but colder here, so the central heating has gone on, and the woodburning stove has been lit. It seems so weird to be here and not on Symi. It will be great though to pick up Bella from the kennels tomorrow, and take her for a good long walk.
This day a year ago, we put into port at Marmaris after another couple of most enjoyable days under sail in the gulet.
Today's early start is catching up with us now, so don't know how much longer we'll stay conscious for. Glad we have already arranged to be back in Symi next May, and already dreaming of where else we might take ourselves off to next!

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