Sunday, 28 October 2012

Stray Dog and The Beach

Our neighbour was followed home by a lost dog yesterday, and - being a cat person - asked us what to do. The upshot was that she kept the dog in her house last night and I took it out for a walk with Bella this morning before we took her up to the Cats' & Dogs' Home. She is a cute little dog, and will hopefully soon be reunited with her owners.
Out on the walk, I was taken with the variegation pattern on these autumnal leaves, which are usually deep purply-red. 
The weather today has returned to overcast and drizzly, but without yesterday's cold wind. The autumn foliage shines through the greyness.
We took ourselves off to the beach, where the skies briefly looked as though they might clear. 
Looking across Bridgwater Bay to the North Somerset coast. It was much windier here than in Bath.
There was lots of driftwood on the beach today.
We decided not to go up onto Brean Down,, where the wind looked pretty strong.
A poignant memento of a tryst on the beach
Walked up to the nearby farm and met a small herd of heifers happily chewing the cud. 
This day a year ago, the day started misty then cleared - and then misted up again. There was a lovely light as it finally cleared, after which we enjoyed a sunny trip to Westonbirt.

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