Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sunshine - and Cold Wind...

At last some blue skies and sunshine. Even if the cold north wind dropped the temperature the sun has lifted our spirits. This was the morning view out of the back of the house
Out the front of the house, all was bright. 
Driving around Bath this morning, the architecture was enlivened by the sunlight. 
 Terraces on Bathwick Hill.
Even this concrete warehouse building looked more interesting against a blue sky. 
This chapel conversion looked its best. 
This afternoon we went off to Newark Park in Gloucestershire. Walked up the avenue and admired the trees.
Passed this cottage with a sheep statue .
 A spooky Halloween tree. 
Peacocks wandered about, scrounging off people without dogs.
Walked around the grounds - I've never seen a copytighted tree before… 
Handy arrows on fenceposts steered us round the path, most of which was shut off, but Bella found plenty to sniff anyway.
 Looking up at the big house. 
Drove home via a circuitous route, taking in Wooton-under-Edge and Hawkesbury Upton, in our successful attempt to find the Somerset Monument, which we had seen from Newark's Park vista on the edge of the Cotswolds.
This day a year ago, I spent over half the day waiting for BT Infinity to be connected. As my strain of Symi cold was in full force, I didn't mind much - an attitude helped along by a bottle of beer. 

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