Monday, 1 October 2012

Tholos, Toli and Tolis - How Confusing!

Last night, on the way to Tholos for a delicious dinner with Richard and Barbara, we were passed by the Symi train - all lit up and spooky.
This was the view from Tholos looking over the harbour towards the clocktower.
This morning en route to meet at Kaladoukas for the bus to Tholi, we passed this magnificent dog, Hercules, on his balcony.
On the way, I also noticed that this shop hasn't gone anywhere since last time we were here (in keeping with its name!).
The Triton was getting ready to put out for the day.
Waiting for the last few people to arrive at the minibus, time to check that Yialos was up to standard. 
A high drive over quite narrow roads and bumpy track later, we arrived at Toli beach, with an undisturbed view. 
We were at the far end of the strand, and settled in for a day's serious beach time 
We hadn't seen the last of the Triton, as it pulled in for half an hour or so while the passengers went for a swim in the bay. 
Lovely lunch ensued, punctuated by bouts of swimming and sunbathing. It was a really beautiful afternoon. 
All too soon, we had to catch our minibus back over the hill, leaving behind a wonderful scene.
Spotted the becalmed wind generator on the top of the Viglia - wonder when/if ever it will get fixed…
The minibus driver kindly stopped (quite close to the edge!) to let me take some pictures of the vista over towards Nimborio…
…looking over Yialos harbour…
… and looking down onto the Pedi valley 
We hadn't had enough beach time, so we got the driver to drop us on the Pedi road and strolled down to Tolis taverna for a beer and a dip. The skies started to cloud over and look quite threatening. 
We left, passing this unusual structure, which we decided was a barn, as it was literally full of straw.
Great bespoke ladder over the fence! 
Luckily, Lakis ran an extra charter service with his bus from Pedi to Chorio just before 6 o'clock, so we flagged him down and got back to Yialos to see the skies starting to cloud over there too.
The skies continued to darken, and we had a segmented rainbow (with a faint double) for a while.
Looking the other way into the sunset was a very powerful sky - this was before the brief spell of rain we had soon afterwards.
This day a year ago, we went up to Westonbirt in the van to meet up with Ben & Lena for a picnic before we went off on our travels.

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