Friday, 26 October 2012

Clouds Lifting, Cold Descending

The temperature has dropped quite a bit in the last day, caused by northerly winds. This has shifted some of the blanket of cloud that has smothered Bath over the last few days. It's still cloudy, but at least it isn't a featureless grey.
I was contacted by UWE again this morning to ask if I can do yet more work for them - some to cover for someone who is teaching in Hong Kong, and some for an ill colleague. No spare capacity in the staffing system there, by the sounds of it… It looks as though I will be busy for a few weeks in November! Took Bella out for her afternoon walk - my eyes were drawn by this jolly holly.
Wallflowers getting going where sunflowers bloomed not long ago. 
Liked these ivy flowers. 
Still more gravel for the bulldozer to play with making a path up the hill. 
Some brightness over Bathford by the middle of the afternoon. 
These trees are still hanging on to their leaves. 
These have just about shed all of theirs in the winds that have blown today. 
What sort of tree do these crisp packets fall from, I wonder? 
This day a year ago, I was succumbing to Su's Symi cold and we were treated to this impressive double rainbow over Charlcombe Valley. 

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