Thursday, 18 October 2012

Autumn Colours and Textures

Apart from the much cooler temperatures and the amount of rain that has fallen for the last two nights, a great contrast to Symi is the colour palette of the landscape. This is our what's left of our grape vine, with a stripy snail nestling in it.
The sun was obscured by quite a bit of cloud throughout the day, even up to the point of raining a few times.
Bella enjoying her late morning dental hygiene stick (AKA "treat"). 
Our neighbour's sunflowers have stood up pretty well to the battering that the rain has given them. 
Her roses are also doing OK. 
Took Bella out for an afternoon walk, and noticed the rash of double-yellow line painting that has taken place in our absence. 
On Charlcombe Way, progress on the former overgrown garden continues as they forge a path through with a digger.
Walking down Charlcombe Lane to the churchyard, where Bella enjoyed jumping in and out of the Holy Well.
Big tree in Charlcombe Manor's grounds going autumnal. 
Lots of berries about for the birds (and lots of them, judging by the amount of song I have heard today). 
An acer that has taken on its autumn colours. 
Evidence of much recent rain in the goalmouth.  
Another tree in its October colours. 
The sunset was dramatic - let's hope that this is a sign of good weather for tomorrow. 
 The sunset sky reflected in our upstairs window.
This day a year ago, we arrived from Rhodes on Symi for the second time last year. We stayed at the Nireus Hotel and had this view across Harani harbour - how much bluer the sky is there than here.
In other news, I have today agreed to supervise ten undergraduate students at UWE for their final year Information Systems dissertations - there is no escape, I start next week! This will help to fund our return to Symi and other islands next May - can't wait!

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