Tuesday, 1 April 2014

More Flowers and a New Month

Out with Bella this morning into a bright day, our ranunculus was like a beacon.
Our cherry blossom in the front garden looked good against the sky. 
I liked the way that these skylights caught the light from the sky. 
Detailed stonework around this window on a Fairfield Park Road house. 
Two types of purple flowers by the pavement. 
An abandoned bicycle tyre.
The morning brightened up and it turned into a lovely afternoon. 
The sun is advancing up the back garden as we enter a new month.
Spent the best part of the lovely afternoon at UWE talking to mildly panicking students who have to hand in their dissertation next week. Passing classroom doors, I noticed they all had QR codes on saying "live timetable" - so I tried it out on room 3Q68, and it worked!
Spotted this cherry tree on the drive home. 
This lily from Ben has come out since Mother's Day - looking good!
This day a year ago, we celebrated the new month by going to Dynasty in Bristol. 

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