Sunday, 27 April 2014

Rain, Trees and Mystery Arrow

Off this morning doing a spot of computer support work up from Victoria Park, I wondered what this recently appeared arrow pointing down the hill was for.
Irises in the allotments looked good. 
Many shades of grey cloud looming over Bath, as the rain came and went while Bella and I wandered across the golf course down, and then back up, the hill 
Chestnut flower spikes and freshly washed leaves. 
Cow parsley has started coming out along the path here. 
Great colour to these new leaves. 
The rain came in with a vengeance for a while - luckily I was under a tree, and Bella didn't care!
Our next door neighbours had little Florence's first birthday today. The rest of my day has disappeared in marking - Su will be writing some guest blogs over the next week or so while I am so immersed, so posts should be a little more interesting!
This day a year ago,  the day started bright before I engaged in a spot of decorating.

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