Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Weston Sand and Big Wheel

After a weekend of being in Bath, we took off this morning. Sat behind today's personalised numberplated car - Su said I'd make drivers paranoid if I keep on taking photos of their cars! Didn't stop me:-)
We went to Weston super Mare to see the sand sculptures from the Easter weekend festival . When we got there, this is what we saw, so we assumed that the site had been cleared.  However on investigating the Weston Sand Sculpture website this evening, I think we were on the wrong part of the (quite long) beach - mind you the website has a video of someone making a sand sculpture in London supposedly of Prince William, Kate and Baby George - so it's all a bit ambiguous.
Three fisherfolk looking out across the Bristol Channel. 
This was the 2D sculptural effect of the vehicle going up and down the beach. 
With Brean Down behind them, Su (with brolly) and Bella strode off up the beach
I like the way this sign has holes in - is that to let the mud through?
Looking the other way towards the pier and beyond. 
Bella was happy chasing her ball into the sea - amazingly we actually got to this coast when the tide was in for a change. 
Brooding skies, which not long afterwards opened up with big rain.
On the side of the old Tropicana building (still not developed into anything but a site for graffiti) 
Leaving Weston, we went past the big wheel on the traffic roundabout. 
This day a year ago, I admired the effect of raindrops on these primroses. 

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