Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tulips Galore, Even More Blossom and Easter Bunnies

A day that started off bright and then clouded over, so our idea of taking off got shelved.  Su made up little gift bags of Easter bunnies for our neighbours with children - still plenty left over. We originally bought them to distribute on Symi at Easter, before our change of plans. News on that front is that Su is flying out to Kos (and on to Symi) in three weeks, and I'll be following her by the end of the month after I've finished UWE marking.
Out with Bella this afternoon saw this trio of vehicles on offer.
Lots of tulips on display 
 Pretty blossom coming out on this tree.
Cherry blossom in profusion. 
This wisteria is starting to come out - look forward to it in full bloom. 
Pyrocantha flowers. 
Hawthorn hedge blossom is starting to come out. 
On the slope above Perfect Place, a slope of mixed colours of bluebells, whitebells and pinkbells. 
Lilac flowers starting to come out. 
Great blossom on this tree. 
The willow at the top of the hill is in its full foliage now. 
More unusual tulips. 
White versions of the unusual tulips. 
Frilly edged tulips! 
This day a year ago, I was at UWE to pick up marking and spotted this decoration below the student shop for the first time. 

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