Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spring Day, Boots in the Garden and a Car with a Hat

A bright start to the day, which turned into a mackerel sky.
Our neighbour's annual show of tulips is up to scratch again. 
Forget-me-nots spreading like wildfire!
It really felt like a Spring day when I heard the sound of a woodpecker working its way up and down the valley.
Birthday balloons gradually deflating… 
Our snowy mespil came out and looked great against the blue sky. 
Our tulips looked good, especially with Bella keeping an eye on me and waiting for me to throw her ball for her. 
Our next door neighbour has left his boots out in the back garden - he's lucky that rain isn't forecast. 
As the sun came out, our tulips opened up. 
Our damson is absolutely covered with blossom and our willow is leafing up nicely. 
I went to UWE for my last project supervision session of the academic year, and spotted a new species of student.
Out with Bella this afternoon, my eye was caught by this solitary magnolia petal.
Nice little blue flowers - aconites? 
A car with a beanie hat. 
A striking patch of lichen on this stone wall. 
These silver birches looked great against the sky. 
Bella sniffing around the base of this spreading tree. 
Stunning forsythia in the hedge. 
This day a year ago, I was also at UWE for the last session of the academic year and enjoying this "street" art display. 

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