Wednesday, 16 April 2014

We Should Be in Greece, Still in Bath

Another lovely day. Our plans had been to be on Kos today, heading for Symi tomorrow - but slow return of NHS test results mean that we're still in the UK, and revising our plans. With the lovely weather we're having, it hasn't been such a sacrifice! Spent all afternoon in the garden - Su stripping wooden shelves, me sawing up a pile of old wood ready for burning and Bella supervising proceedings from her "lawn"
Our acer is looking good in the sunshine. 
Our damson blossom is still going strong. 
Our neighbour's magnolia is a treat. 
Our white tulips looking lovely in the dappled afternoon shade. 
Out with Bella for an early evening stroll, spotted these pretty flowers 
 It's definitely balloon season with these clear skies.
A little orchard's worth of blossom.
Bluebells and whitebells. 
Another balloon popped up. 
Bright, fresh green chestnut leaves. 
More hedgerow blossom. 
This balloon went right overhead. 
Little Solsbury looking magnificent. 
A neighbour's tulips glowing in the evening light. 
Our silver birches bright in the sunset light. 
This day a year ago, we were down in Alice Park - this is Bella recovering after a bout of chasing her ball.

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