Friday, 18 April 2014

Spring Continues, Coffee Grounds and Bella's Profile

At a friend's house today, I admired this tulip.
Took Bella for a stroll on the golf course in the sunshine.
Fresh leaves coming out in the sun. 
A van from CenterParcs parked at the bottom of the street for some reason. 
Rosemary flowers in the pub garden. 
Without really trying, I produced this pattern with the coffee grounds in my mug. Could be a new artistic direction for me?
A bed full of bluebells in this front garden.
Lichen on a garden wall. 
Decorative stonework over this house window. 
The sun illuminated these leaves. 
We stopped for a moment, and I managed to get a shot of Bella when she wasn't turning her head away from the camera.
 After a lesson in plant identification from Su the other day, I believe that this is actually forget-me-not…
- while this is brunnera. You can see why I confused the two… 
This day a year ago, I was here getting a nail taken out of my tyre spotted during the previous day's MoT test.

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