Thursday, 24 April 2014

Return to Westonbirt, Skool Bus and Spring Blossom

Out this morning, I spotted more tulips - these behind the heavily creosoted fence at the bottom of the road
It's been a while, so we went off to Westonbirt to take advantage of the bright weather. Saw this enormous umbrella there - it must have been 12 foot high at least.
Not exactly the best message to send to students with this spelling… 
Trees coming into fresh new leaf. 
Blossom in a shaft of sunlight. 
More blossom. 
Trees standing tall against the blue sky. 
Proper bluebells all over the arboretum.
At first glance from a distance I thought that this was gravel - realised it was fallen blossom as I got closer.
An abandoned small person's glove. 
Just along the terrace from us in our neighbours' back garden is this wonderful floribunda cherry. 
This day a year ago, on vet's instructions poor Bella suffered having her ears constrained by a leg from a pair of tights.

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