Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Marking Time, Sunset and Some Tulips

Not a very exciting day - I started marking my virtual pile of dissertations. I'm about a quarter of the way through that pile. But it's not all I have to do - I have picked up another virtual pile of essays from the Hong Kong students to mark, so I'll be busy for a while.
I managed to get out before sunset for a stroll around the block with Bella. The skies had brightened up from the earlier drizzle. 
Roses out and on their way. 
The skies got better and better as we walked.
Looking the other way, there were big orange blobs across the sky.
Bluebells are all around now. 
The best of the sunset - for a few minutes only. 
For those of you who thought that I'd given up on my fascination with tulips hadn't reckoned on Bob's front garden with these long stemmed ones.
This day a year ago, the sun finally came out and people reclaimed the streets of Bath in the Spring sunshine.

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