Monday, 14 April 2014

Off to IKEA, Funeral Cortege and Simpsons Clouds

Another bright and sunny day. Passing the entrance to Brockham End, spotted this sign for an Easter event up there.
Driving across Siston Common on the way to Bristol, we were dazzled by the show of buckthorn.
Under the motorway at the Easton junction. someone has decorated some of the pillars.
Abandon hope all ye who enter here - we went to IKEA and bought some material to replace the curtains in the van.
At the roundabout at the bottom of the Spine Road, saw this bus with a strange message.
Passed the Black Castle pub on our way to Paintworks for a cup of coffee.
At Paintworks I admired this old millstone.
In the loo there, an interesting sign - especially as "gents" have to stand right next to a urinal to use the hand-dryer
We had a coffee in the open air at the Tube Diner, with our sets on the astro-turf lawn.
On our way out of Bristol on the A4, spotted this funeral carriage outside the church.
At Hilliers garden centre, I was reminded of this tasteful garden ornament.
Out with Bella this afternoon, spotted this motivational slogan in the gutter - not sure of that's a comment on it…
Flowers in the wind.
"Simpsons clouds" over Little Solsbury.
This day a year ago, Spring had finally sprung and I appreciated the delicacy of this hydrangea flower skeleton from the previous Summer.

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