Friday, 11 April 2014

Sunshine, Nailsea and Alice Park

Another lovely morning.
It must be Spring- this lawn has had its annual haircut (well at least the upper part). 
Wallflowers aplenty in front of this greenhouse. 
As lots of things blossom and grow, the sprouting moss is finally dying back and turning brown rather than green. 
Looks like they're turning this van brown rather than green… 
A hedge of ragged robin gleaming in the sunshine. 
Little Solsbury bathing in the warmth. 
I went over to Nailsea to see Bob and play some music. Went to the local pub for lunch, where I was tickled by the name of this guest beer. 
Back in Bath, waiting at the George Street traffic lights. 
Met Su and Bella in Alice Park, where I admired this lovely blossom. 
Parkland in the Spring sunshine. 
This day a year ago, our alchemilla leaves had collected their quota of moisture.

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