Monday, 21 April 2014

Livestock, Blooms and Manure

This morning next door's cat, Charlie (who frequents our garden when Bella doesn't chase him off) was communing with our Buddha.
Off out later on to buy some manure (such excitement!) we found ourselves behind this personalised numberplate. 
We went down Marlborough Gardens and passed Victoria Park and the Royal Crescent.
Passing the gasometer. 
We went to Su's recent discovery - Bath City Farm, based on the hillside over Bath football ground. 
First stop was to visit the pigs. This one was really crashed out with its tongue sticking out, although it did manage to wag its tail.
In the next pen, this sow had half a dozen piglets to feed, although one couldn't wake up for its turn.
Fluffy chicken! 
Small goat with a big headbutt. 
Little kid with lots of bounce having a little rest. 
 Tulip spotting yielded this specimen
… and these … 
… as well as this frilly one.
We decided to buy this manure, rather than the unstable one… 
…and another striking tulip. 
… and still more! 
Our little lilac plant in the front garden nursery bed is starting to flower amongst the onions. 
This day a year ago, I was struck by this display of pavement art. 

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