Sunday, 13 April 2014

Out and About in Bath & Bristol

Another bright, sunny morning - this by the Royal High School.
Waiting opposite Hamilton Road to catch the bus down to town, we admired these daisies.
Perfect blue sky. 
Down in Queens Square, we noticed this decorated lintel. 
And this one, with green man suggestions about it. 
Su spotted the urns on the roof of this block, and I liked the  wisp of cloud above the chimneys.
We went to check out an award-winning coffee bar we'd just read about. 
Colonna and Small's - very tasty coffee and a pleasant environment to hang out in.
As we came out from our coffee experience, my producer/location manager/agent Su spotted this photographic opportunity tucked away on the opposite side of the road.
The plaque beneath it. 
Wandered down through the side streets of Bath, spotting and re-spotting various sights, like this grand crest and arches. 
After some shopping, Su consented to her being shadow photographed with these reflections on the pavement.
I've never heard of "facial threading" before - sounds painful, but is it legal, decent and honest?:-) 
Famous tourist trap. 
And another one nearby - our talented neighbour plays piano in there. 
Sat in the sun in Abbey Square listening to the resident classical guitarist repeating his repertoire yet again. 
Liked these four jolly cyclists sitting in front of the bike with skeleton…
…which was actually an advert for Bizarre Bath
Back home, I generated a nice recursive loop on my computers by logging into one remotely and then logging back from that machine into the original one - endless loop ensued, and I had to crash the machine to stop it. 
Went over to Bristol and on our way to Frenchay, saw this (presumably amended) banner. No evidence of 10 Km road race (or rage) that we saw.
Walking with Bella on Frenchay common. 
Opposite the church, "The Old House" with a cow over the doorway… 
Jonquils out in bloom. 
Borage (not aconite!) 
We found this pond down the hill - and managed to deter Bella from plunging in, thankfully.
Blue plaque on the house with cow over the doorway. 
 The unitarian chapel next door.
This day a year ago, I admired this pile of abandoned glass bricks 

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