Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Inevitable Tulips, Cow Parsley and Dim Sum

Out with Bella this lunchtime after the first instalment of rain, I noticed that the apple trees on the green at the bottom of the road have burst into blossom.
A new bollard to replace the one that was set alight some time ago.
Cow parsley has suddenly appeared in profusion everywhere. This is a sign that the carrot fly will also be about (for any aspiring vegetable growers).
A casualty the winds was this cherry blossom. 
Pretty flowers just coming out. 
And - just in case you thought there might be some relief from tulip pictures - I saw even more of them today. 
Just what you need on the back of your van - a pair of swooping eagles… 
More tulips I'd not spotted before. 
 - and more of the same variety opening out a little more.
Fully open for the rain. 
Our white tulips at the front of the house are sensibly holding back, but our narcissi are happily open. 
Into the car, and a souvenir of of Su's trip out yesterday.
Off to Bristol - we went. What else can you do on a miserable, wet Easter Sunday than go for dim sum?! 
Back home, I had to park the car a street away - which gave me an opportunity to spot some more tulips.
… and another… 
… and still more! 
This day a year ago, I saw this street sign used as a bin and thought "Thatcher's Britain".

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