Sunday, 6 April 2014

Flowers, Blossom, Mystic Symbol and a Ladybird

An overcast day, which gave our white tulips in the back garden a better chance to show off.
Our cherry blossom at the front of the house is doing very well on its second showing - this round of blossom is pink, with just an occasional white flower. 
Our neighbour's rosemary bush has started flowering. 
Another neighbour's display of tulips is looking good. 
A mysterious mystic symbol found on the ground - just before the wind blew it away. 
It was a grey and overcast day. 
The thorn blossom is beginning to come out all over the hillsides. 
Pyrocantha bushes have all started to burst into bunches of tight little bright flower buds.
Bella happily sniffed her way around every corner and plant on Mount Beacon - or so it seemed. 
I was taken by the texture of this faded painted stone block gable end. 
No, it's not confetti - it's fallen blossom.  
More blossom. 
Clematis looking good. 
On the roadside verge. 
The first ladybird I've seen this year - not a native species, but it will still eat aphids!
Su's lilies continue to delight - through glass on our back windowsill (the aroma is overpowering in the house now!) 
The circus is in town - or at least on Lansdown up at the race course. Spotted on our way to Bristol for a dim sum lunch at Dynasty
This day a year ago, Bella inspected this collection of traffic cones while I battled to stave off a cold in the sunshine. 

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