Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Strange Babies, Trout Alert, Balloons and Funfair

At Pilates last night, saw this spooky scene in the room next door.
At Prior Park garden centre this afternoon, my eye was caught by these unusually patterned car seat covers.
"Watch out - there's a trout about" indeed!
Widcombe High Street with its old advertising sign.
Big blossom on this tree on Snow Hill.
We took Bella for an early evening walk in Victoria Park, where the Fun Fair is set up and ready to start tomorrow - complete with helter skelter.
It was balloon time in the park.
This was the Rotork one being inflated as we walked past.
Great flower spikes.
The funfair all set up under the trees.
The next balloon inflating.
After lots of lurching about, it finally got off the ground.
It looked as though the balloon was going to be punctured by this aeroplane trail.
The next one getting air pumped in.
Nearly off the ground.
Up, up and away…
It starts tomorrow!
This day a year ago, I saw my first magnolia flower of the Spring - so different to this year.

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