Saturday, 26 April 2014

Flowers, Sleepy Bee and Lunch

Out with Bella this morning, I spotted some pretty flowers
Front garden bed full of flowers. 
Pretty weeds growing in the cracks of the pavement. 
Black tulips I've not seen before. 
These bright tulips were being blown about in the wind.
A bee sunning itself outside our front door. 
These wallflowers are delightful with their old-fashioned colours. 
Papillon lavender on our windowsill. 
Going out at lunchtime, we saw this old Morris Minor on Lansdown. 
Where the road was lined with daffodils, it is now  edged with dandelions.
On the ring road we found ourselves behind this mobile warning sign - luckily no sudden braking happened while we were there.
This was our destination. 
We met up with Ben, who managed to avoid hitting his head on the low beams… 
… and Lena reviewing her picture of Ben under the beams. 
Later on, spotted these unusual daffodil-like flowers - several on one stem…
… and these lurid blooms, which are actually tulips. 
This day a year ago, I tried out my photo-stitching app on my new phone for the first time, and was pleased with the results.

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