Saturday, 5 April 2014

Having Too Much Fun To Blog

Spent quite a bit of time yesterday talking to people about Mac issues. In between and when walking Bella, I spotted lots of flowers including this emerging black tulip.
This snail is enjoying exploring this blossom. 
More blossom. 
Even more blossom. 
A carpet of magnolia flowers, and it's only early April. 
Great colours. 
Emerging chestnut flowers and leaves. 
Pretty flowers in the grass. 
Spotted outside Victoria Park. 
Fun for all the family coming up! 
What a pleasure it is to walk through the park since the Council introduced parking charges during the day - it used to be chock-a-block with cars and dangerous to cross the roads.
The loneliness of the (long distance?) runner and more blossom. 
Close up on the blossom. 
This snowy mespil is starting to come out - just like ours in the back garden is. 
A severe case of middle aged spread for this tree. 
More flowers coming out where the daffodils bloomed a few weeks ago. 
Beech nut casings still on the tree. 
Nice skies. 
A faded sign may not carry as much weight as a clearly legible one. 
It must be Spring because the fence down the road has yet another coat of smelly creosote on.
It turned into a really lovely late afternoon, which was followed by Su's delicious dinner with neighbours - an enjoyable evening but no time to write a blog post.
Today, we treated ourselves to breakfast at the Hare and Hounds on Lansdown  and went to Westonbirt this afternoon. They have a new set of benches installed.
Their chestnuts are also coming out. 
More blossom. 
Even more blossom. 
Came across this plaque once more. 
There are still wishes being deposited inside. 
This is the bronze cast with the wishes inside.
Back at home, amongst other new growth in the back garden I admired our newly emergent tulips. 
It looks like we are going to have lilac blossom again this year!
This day a year ago, I was down in Larkhall with Bella on the green by Lambrook at the back of the shops.

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