Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Three Days in One Go

Catching up with what I've been doing over the last few days - (apart from marking assignments for Hong Kong students). Many thanks to Su for posting the blog for the past couple of days. Monday evening saw our neighbours' magnolia lit up by sunset against a black sky.
Yesterday, out with Bella spotted this iris in another neighbours' garden.
Further along our walk, there are still tulips to be seen. 
Even more tulips opened out and coming to the end of their flowering. 
Yellow tulips… 
This shrub shed its flower petals to form an orange carpet.
Even more tulips. 
And still more. 
This morning we went down into town. Caught the bus on Lansdown, where all the trees have burst into leaf.
Just what every home needs - an inflatable saxophone and guitar!
We went to the Little Theatre (Su's second visit in two days) to see The Lunchbox - a delightful film, and well worth catching if it comes your way,
Back at home, Florence next door's 1st birthday celebrations continued this afternoon.
Went out with Bella up to Brockham End, where we've not been for ages. They seem to be under new "management" 
Pretty flowers and new leaves. 
In the woods… 
A few remaining bluebells in the wood. 
Looking out over the Avon valley on a gentle Spring afternoon. 
This day a year ago, we were at Bath station on our way to Symi at last! This year, Su will be in Greece in 8 days, and I'll be there in 25!

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