Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mistiness, Deja Vu and Fungi

An autumnal start to the day, with blue skies and mist in the Charlcombe Valley.
 The mist down in the Avon Valley was really thick and took a while to clear.
Did domestic things this morning, and then decided that - as we had enjoyed Westonbirt so much yesterday on a grey day - we would go back today and see it when there was some sunlight about.
 Some great fungi to be seen.
The acers looked much better today in milky sunlight, and some people did their best to blend in
We came upon one part of Silk Wood that had a range of different fungi - from fairy rings to single specimens.
After a cup of coffee on the Maples cafe veranda, we drove back into the setting sun.
Got home to find our little rose had produced this perfect flower 
As the sun set further the skies litt up - more photos tomorrow of the spectacular sunset we have just witnessed.
This day a year ago, we were still on Symi - went up to the Olive Tree (original location) and wandered around the Chorio, before coming down the KaliStrata and going round to Nos beach.
Tonight, we are going off to the Little Theatre to see "Untouchable". Review tomorrow. 

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