Thursday, 4 October 2012

Moving to the Chorio

Our last morning waking up in Yialos - brighter skies than yesterday, with cloud bubbling up.
Soon, we'd left the Opera house - between homes and on the street with our bags:-).
Waiting for a lift to our new accomodation.
 We waited on the steps of the school in the shade
Looking out at the basketball court. 
Frank Taxiarchis turned up and whisked us up to the Chorio and our new studio apartment. What a view to greet us!
It wasn't long before we walked down the Pedi road, spotting this cement mixer en route.
I also finally twigged that these must be flowers on the tamarisk trees! 
Down at Pedi after a tasty lunch at Tolis taverna, it was very relaxing. 
Walking up the hill later on, we had a "wow" moment as we saw the sky.
Met George on the way up the hill, and tentatively agreed to turn up at the Secret Garden cafe tomorrow evening with our guitars and play for a while (if they don't chuck us out!). Looking back over the valley, some really interesting cloud formations. 
On a hunt for milk, I climbed up the hill a bit further than our apartment and was rewarded with this beautiful sight.
Our new Home Sweet Home for 10 days or so - and the WiFi is really good, so no struggling to publish blog posts for a while!
This day a year ago, we had our first full day in Istanbul and were proper tourists - seeing the Blue Mosque amongst many other sights. 

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