Monday, 29 October 2012

Sky Surprises

An unexpectedly bright start to the day - with blue skies and wispy clouds.
Our hornbeam continues to delight. 
Later on the sun illuminated the top of our silver birch tree.
I spent the morning getting diverted into an unanticipated cleaning binge. Happily escaped into a much darker afternoon - reminded by the view that that Autumn is a time of big skies.
In the fields, the larch and beech trees are stunning. 
The sun came out  up the hill behind me, and as I turned I caught a glimpse of this rainbow.
In full view, it was magnificent - doubled right the way across the valley. What a treat!
The skeleton of the Summer's umbellifers are all that remains.
The rainbow kept on and on, even as the skies cleared. 
 The sun caught these trees on the ridge.
Sunset comes so much sooner since the clocks went back
This day a year ago, we decided that we were not going to be around enough this year to warrant keeping our allotment on, so it was time to clear the ground and harvest our crops - including these tasty beetroots. 

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