Saturday, 13 October 2012

Our Last Full Day on Symi - This Trip

An early awakening after a long night's sleep to see a glorious sunrise.
 Great clouds over the Chorio.
The sky kept changing, and the colours were stunning. 
We headed out for the beach and saw this unexpected sight on the roof next door. 
We walked down to Pedi and saw these cats most interested in what was going on inside the bin. Then a fifth cat popped out having retrieved something to eat.
The church at Pedi. 
We decided that we would walk over to St Nikolas beach rather than taking the boat. Saw this little boat on the way. 
Great views across to Turkey. 
One of the last of these flowers still in bloom. We spent a nice time at the beach, apart from the sound of two young people playing bat and ball… Decided that the walk there was quite challenging enough, so got the boat back to Pedi. Tonight we are off to the Windmill for a meal, and then off to the Sunrise for my last night playing with George and Clare - this trip.
This day a year ago, we put into port at Fethiye, and I was able to upload some photographs from the previous few days, including this one taken on the way back from the ruins of Caunos. What does it mean?

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