Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Absence of Sunshine

After the rain last night, the clouds gathered in folds above Yialos.
This morning started promising with a few clouds and blue skies. 
But the clouds were coming in over the Viglia. 
This massive ship was the Austral 
We went to catch the bus up to the Chorio, when the little train came by - playing music (Su tells me it was "Zorba Ther Greek"…) and completely empty apart from the driver.
Got off the bus at the Chorio and walked up to the Olive Tree - passing this new, undented railing.
Tempted by BLT in a pitta bread and chocolate brownie baked cheesecake with summer fruit couli!
We won't see them in this place again, as they will be moving to their grander establishment over the next couple of days - many happy hours spent in here!
By now the sky had completely clouded over, but it was still warm. So went walked down to Pedi and had a swim then watched the lorries getting onto the Crysathanthe ready to sail away.
This chap came ashore in a dinghy to Katsaras taverna - most impressive tattoo 
Caught the bus back to Yialos, where the Border Patrol boat is moored at the moment.
The Orient Queen out of Valetta was back in port again. 
By the end of the afternoon, some glimmers of blue sky started to appear - then we had a few drops of rain just to confuse us! 
This day a year ago, we were getting very excited about going off to Turkey. Took Bella for two walks, culminating with this amazing sunset.

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