Thursday, 13 January 2011

Short and sweet

Another day at UWE where I spent all day in a Training Session called "Future Focus".  This is aimed at managers to enable them to encourage those they manage to more closely "align with the University's Mission Statement and to increase engagement."  This seemed more than a little bit ironic, seeing as all the academic staff in the room have all had to apply for their jobs again and are waiting to be interviewed to see if they are going to get a job as a manager or not!

As you can imagine, I found being indoctrinated into how to be a good corporate clone a really exciting use of my time - and there is another day of stuff tomorrow to look forward to.  Luckily when I cam home, the lovely Su poured me a big glass of wine and made me a lovely dinner, and I am now sitting with my feet up in front of the TV - much better!

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