Monday, 14 November 2011

Further Afield Than Yesterday

Su was out this morning, and I was again vaguely domestic - in particular reacquainting myself with the steam iron I bought just before our Turkish/Greek trip.  Maybe it's the thought of doing some teaching again next year, but I have this strange urge to have some ironed shirts in the wardrobe, even though I live in T-shirts! I didn't get too carried away, so there is still a very big pile to be ironed if the urge takes me again.

After lunch, Su and I decided that we would try to escape the encircling gloom that overtook Bath - so we took the van up through the murky low cloud on Lansdown up the road to Westonbirt.  Still pretty grey up there, but not as dismal as Bath - and there are still some lovely oranges and reds to pierce the flatness of the sky. 
Bella enjoyed finding big sticks and stopping to chew them. Here is dogwood she did not chew!
 Amazing lichen on this "Allegheny Serviceberry"
Last night we saw "Another Earth" at the Film Festival. An interesting film, made on a shoestring in film-making terms ($150,000) - more of a relationship film than mainstream Sci-fi, although it was framed by the concept of another earth (!).  Some good acting, and worth seeing - although I did hear a lot of male sighing going on as the rayguns failed to materialise:-)!

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  1. Don't worry about the urge to iron, Marcus. I bought a new one just after I returned from the September Symi holiday and amazed myself by getting ALL the holiday ironing done. The novelty is beginning to wear off though...