Thursday, 17 November 2011

Vet, Van, Sun & Coffee

 Walking Bella this morning, saw this stylishly decorated van:-
Bella had woken us early with her fidgeting again, so resolved to take her down to the vet's for a check over to see if we can encourage her to sleep a little later!  With the dawn, the sun came out and cleared away the clouds. Bella got a stunningly clean bill of health from the vet - so she has been wormed and treated for fleas, the house has been hoovered again and her bedding washed. All being well, she may let us sleep past dawn tomorrow:-).  Later on, noticed the sun coming through the stained glass and streaking the floor.
 For some reason my phone stopped focusing as well as usual in the middle of the day, so here is an impressionistic view of the stained glass that generates the glows around the house...
 The sun also got our solar-powered flower going, nodding away quite merrily to itself.
 Later on, I noticed the neighbours' pampas grass shining magnificently in the sun
 I went up the road to see Steve this afternoon - not to play music as originally planned (he had some necessary DIY to do today), but to shoot the breeze for an hour and talk about the joys of being retired. He has just stopped secondary school teaching after 34 years and is still adjusting to not being stressed about work.
 I also sampled the outputs of his newly acquired cappuccino machine (most tasty!)
 Coming home, I noticed our mahonia in bloom - and about 8 foot tall!
Su was out with Bella by then, so I managed to get the two plastic boxes she bought me on Tuesday into the attic and full of books, folders, spare cables and other work-related ephemera that I may want at some stage in the future - or else I'll chuck it all out in 5 years' time.  Tomorrow promises to be another nice day, so we are thinking of tootling off to Clevedon to look at the pier and check out another bit of Somerset coastline.

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  1. I too am enjoying the unseasonably warm sunny weather. I usually stear clear of papers but see one of them is saying we are heading for a drought. Some folk just don't like us being happy, do they?