Tuesday, 29 November 2011

To Nailsea and back

The day started grey with clouds full of rainy promise
 Some colour on this mouldy gate
 And there are  still bindweed flowers out!
 It was a wild wet and windy night, as these fallen branches show
 Ivy berries are very evident now - these are quite delicate ones
 Nearly circular patch of lichen on this wall
 Went over to the wilds of Nailsea - the wind crossing the top of Chew Valley Lake was really strong, blowing the van about.  When I got there I was greeted by this (apparently it is a thermometer - stick it on the window outside, but read the temperature from inside) - just one of the many delights at Bob & Vicky's house
 This is a scan around their back garden - decorated with butterflies, statues of various sizes and other ornamentation.  Their lawn looks so good because it is made of Astroturf.  Comparing that to our forlorn muddy patch makes it a serious contender to new turf...

After a decent panini and a drink in the Ring of Bells, Bob and I played some music for a couple of hours. We even tried out some potentially new material, to be unveiled at some as yet unspecified future performance.  Luckily, the weather had started to perk up by the time I left.
 Very dramatic sky down by Backwell station
 On the way back I pulled in to a lay-by near the airport to photograph the sky.  Only noticed the sign afterwards (never seen one like it).
 This was the sky - a stunning display, and another opportunity to try out the Autostitch app on my iPhone.
 Got back and parked up at the same time as Su got back from walking Bella.  Just finished a lovely meal and looking at the pile of marking next to me - just looking, mind you:-)!

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