Thursday, 3 November 2011

Over the Hills and Far Away...

We haven't been to Egypt or the British Museum but we did venture out of Bath today - to Wells, at the other end of the diocese.  As we left Bath, the skies opened.
Once we got a few miles further South, the weather improved.
Parking by Wells bus station we were struck how complex this sign outside the public loos was.  The mind boggles as to what "special events" might be, and where the hours might be displayed.
Walking around Wells furnished many other unusual sights...
I want a dancing frog in a tutu for Christmas!
Engaging bit of street art:-
I presume that this isn't the Mayor's official vehicle.
This porch is on the approach to Wells Cathedral, and beggars continue the tradition there to this day.
After a pleasant lunch in the relatively new restaurant/cafe in the Cathedral we enjoyed Wells Cathedral in all its gothic splendour.
A rare siting of Su on the blog!
After we visited every charity shop in Wells to track down some knitting needles and wool for Su's next creative project, our interest in tables took us to Wells Trading Post - a veritable cornucopia of strange and unusual creations, including the "Tutankahmun" piece. This jester surveyed the top floor.
Just what every house needs.
Just what you expect to see in a Somerset town.
I think I found the missing head from the model on Milsom Street in Bath. Love the safety pin.
The view from outside...
Headed home to take Bella for a walk before sunset. I really enjoyed the display in the skies this afternoon -
- especially after getting to Charlcombe church and being rewarded with the sight of another double rainbow.
Great sunset display
This is a panorama showing the rainbow on the left and the sun setting over the hill on the right
Su and I have been discussing all day what we will do between now and going to Hong Kong in February. We will, of course, be jaunting out and about in the UK - in car or van. Today we have discussed going away in December - rejected the idea of a river trip on the Nile, now considering Southern Spain, or possibly the Canaries.  Nothing is booked yet, but Su's tours has launched into full research mode so we should be able to let you know the next leg of our itinerary soon.  As ever, watch this space!


  1. Or you could try somewhere REALLY exciting, like Weston super Mare.

  2. Wells is indeed a lovely city.