Saturday, 26 November 2011

Why Put A Radiator All The Way Up There?

Went to the Rondo Theatre last night to see a production of the Terence Rattigan play, "Flare Path".  Was struck by this radiator at least 6 feet off the ground - who is it for up there?
 A friend of ours played The Countess in the play - she was on stage as the curtain came up.
Went out for breakfast this morning - I've seen bicycles chained up here, but never horses...
Walking down into town this evening, saw this van with chequerboard design - made out of black and red leatherette!
 The Christmas lights were on, and the streets were busy with people going to the German market stalls around the Abbey.
 A talented didgeridoo player, drumming at the same time as blowing:-
 The Christmas tree in front of the Abbey
 The roundabout is installed again
 Here's Reggie.
 We went to see the film, "The Future", a very quirky existential and slightly fantastic film that both Su and I really enjoyed.  Not everyone's cup of tea - at least one person left during the showing..
We are now back at home, and strapped in for 2 hours of "The Killing II"-time to practice my Danish comprehension while writing this!

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  1. The radiator was probably placed up the wall due to Health & Safety regulations - someone might accidentally press their hands against it for a long time and burn themselves...