Friday, 25 November 2011

Sunshine Gives me Itchy Feet...

Another day that promised brightness at dawn. Su isn't camera shy, she just likes posing with over-sized leaves...
 I transported a plant which Bella kept company while I did a quick spot of shopping.
 I was in Larkhall, just down the hill. Langridge's is a truly amazing hardware / everything store - a real rummager's delight!
 Went past the Rondo Theatre (I'd never noticed the Parish Room legend on the building before I took this photo)
 We are going there tonight to see the Terence Rattigan play, "Flare Path".
 Back home, the sky had really brightened up.
 This is the marking I have to do for UWE - Stephen dropped it round last night, but the nice weather kept me from doing more than taking this photograph of it. Rain is forecast for at least some of the weekend, so my coloured pens will be wielded!
 Picked Su up and we tootled off to Chew Valley Lake.  Started off in sunshine, but it gradually clouded over to give some dramatic views.  The water level is really low at the moment - maybe that weekend rain will help avoid water restrictions.
What no female fisher folk? Progressive attitudes out in the countryside...
We ended up with some rain - but it held off until we had some lunch and walked Bella.  We missed the worst of it, getting back to the van for a cup of tea listening to pattering on the roof.
Came home to find email confirmation of our flights to Hong Kong in February. Managed to select the best of the Economy Comfort seats, with SeatGuru to guide us. Less than 3 months to go!!!
Must dash - we are off to the theatre in half an hour...

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