Friday, 11 November 2011

To the Shops...

Into town this morning to the new shopping centre, passing under some more Christmas decorations waiting to be switched on.
 I was on a mission to the temple of Apple :-), this time to get a replacement for the power lead to Su's laptop.  Yet again, Apple replaced it free of charge, even though it was long out of warranty.  This might be something to do with them recently losing a law suit in the USA?
 On the way in, I enjoyed listening to this very proficient busker.
 While in the store, the two minute silence for Armistice Day took place. It was amazing how quiet the whole of the town centre went. After that, it was off round the corner to get a new pair of walking boots from BCH (they have great stock and are very helpful).  At this time of year it's great to have two pairs of boots so that one pair can dry off while the other pair is most likely getting wet while walking Bella. Tested out the new boots with Bella where Su & I went yesterday - they didn't get wet, because the threatened rain was late arriving.  This meant I could actually see the view through this (dry!) dry stone wall.
 And these mushrooms weren't drowning.
 I got an email this morning confirming that I will be teaching at least one week in Hong Kong next February.  Possibly a second week in April, although that needs to be finalised.  Right on cue, in the post today, a copy of the course textbook arrived for me to start preparing.  Time to switch the brain on again!

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  1. Good luck with the teaching placement; it sounds like a challenge. I think I just caught the promised rain driving back from Glastonbury in the dark n the rush hour traffic. Not nice!