Thursday, 10 November 2011

Unexpected Brightness!

This morning, Su went off to her yoga class after many months away (blame trip to Turkey & Greece!) while I puttered about the house being vaguely domestic.  I also got distracted by deciding that I did not really want to be surrounded by books from UWE times any more. So I emptied bookshelves before going outside to appreciate the lifting of the grey veil of cloud and mist with the unexpected reappearance of some sunshine. This lovely clematis looked its best.
I promised a review of "The Ides of March", which we saw last night. This is a gripping political drama with an excellent central performance by Ryan Gosling and good supporting parts from George Clooney, Paul Giametti and Philip Seymour Hoffman.  We will be seeing him (PSH) in "Jack Goes Boating" at the end of next week as part of Bath Film Festival.  Before that, we are going to see "Another Earth" on Sunday. Not seeing as many films as in previous years - partly because the programme doesn't grab us as much, and partly because of the price of tickets, which are about twice what we pay with our Little Theatre membership discounts.  The joys of being pensioners:-)!

After Su returned from her wanderings, we went for a walk up past the Golf Course.  The aspect was initially quite murky
But then the sun broke through and lit up the hillside. 
As well as the sky
This patch of lichen on an old stone wall caught the last of the sun's rays
Some more golden thistle heads
These burnished leaves keep on going!
Su waving for the camera!

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