Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Autumn Colour, Flowers & Produce

We put together one of the raised beds from our former allotment in the back garden this morning.  Even though the weather was overcast and threatening to rain, it was very mild and it was great to see the foliage and flowers still very much in evidence.
 Stunning acer
 No idea what this plant is - it looks a bit like a small type of Gunnera to me, but Su will probably furnish the correct name.
 This sedum just keeps on going
 As does this dog, with her fascination for playing ball!
Our raised bed with onions planted up, and Enviromesh to keep out the neighbours' many Russian Blue cats
Our less vigorous variety of Virginia Creeper
 Jasmine flowering in November!
 Our silver birch tree - with peeling bark - in front of the bamboo "jungle"
 Another geranium
 The enemy!!
 This geum is still flowering.

We went out for a late lunch, after which Su dropped me and Bella off at the top of the hill for our walk. Came back via our little patch of allotment nearby and harvested one leek to demonstrate the produce to Su.
 Earlier this morning, Su picked some tomatoes from the greenhouse (in November!)
 While out with Bella, I played with the panoramic photo software on my phone - this is where we came down the hill.  If you look closely you should see two Bellas in the middle of the picture.

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