Monday, 28 November 2011

Coolness and Green Pen Moments

Out with Bella this morning into a rather cool day after last night's air frost on the cars and fields. The winter flowering cherry in the front garden is doing rather well - I'm looking forward to more blossom over the next few weeks.
 The grape vine by the front door is shedding its leaves over the path...
 Most of my day has been spent indoors unfortunately.  I decided that I really must crack on with the marking that UWE have asked me to do, so I have had the joy of interfacing with this first year assignment.
 Today, dear readers, I have been using the green pen to provide feedback (thought I would try and channel the spirit of Basil D'Olivera writing to John Arlott - and treat all the students even-handedly).  Actually, it is quite interesting doing real anonymous marking, since I have never met any of the students whose work I am commenting on. I don't know if this will be better for them or not - the second marker will be the judge of that, I guess.
Tomorrow, I will have a respite from this brain-bending - I am off to Nailsea to see Bob and bend my brain against his mandolin playing instead.  No doubt we will have a conversation about Wednesday's forthcoming strike, as he is Branch Secretary of the UCU union at UWE. Such jolly japes :-).  Let's hope the rain passes over by the morning...


  1. Nailsea? Crikey. Don't risk visiting the Blue Flame, might be peculiar people there at lunchtime.

  2. Save some grapevine leaves to make dolmades.